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I got a 215G Oceanic reef ready tank in a couple of weeks ago. Planning
on setting it up as a medium light, low maint planted tank(ofcourse).
Dimensions 6 ft long x 2ft wide x 29" tall

Automated water changes - already decided how I'm going to get
that done.

I'm thinking about using an Eheim 2260 as the primary filter.
Originally I was thinking about hooking up an external CO2 reactor
to the Eheim. However, I've done a little more thinking. I want
really good circulation in this tank - so here's what my plan is...

Hook up the Ehiem the regular way - nothing too special - may remove
the spray bar and have the water just return as a jet.

Add an external pump - hooked up to an external CO2 reactor.
Then at the bottom of the tank - below the substrate - setup a
1/4" PVC circuit like so...

Top View
x x x

where the O marks outputs. Ball&Socket hosing with jet-type nozzles
attached at these points would allow me to provide CO2 enriched water
to all parts of the tank while providing good circulation so that most detrius
gets picked up into the water column and filtered out.

I can hide the nozzles behind plants / rocks / wood so that you'd never
see them from the front.

What do you think? Any problems you foresee with doing it this way?
Any better ways of doing this?

I'm thinking about something that pumps about 1200 GPH.
Pump will be located below the tank - so I've got to account for
about 3-4 feet of head. I need this pump to be QUIET!

What pump should I use?

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niko said:
..resulted in virtually all debries being pushed about 2 inches from the spray bar but not further. The tank was extremely densely planted though.

You have probably seen the following but here it is again - Undergravel Jets
Holy cow! The article in the link - that's almost exactly what
I was thinking about doing! Thanks for the link.

My main purpose for the jets would be to provide CO2 enriched
water to all part of the tank - maybe also keep the front as detrius
free as possible. Looks like its very doable.

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Not really. With the RUGF, water flows through the gravel. With
the jets, there is no flow of water through the gravel- the PVC
pipes just hide in it - outputs are above the substrate level.
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