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I used to have a spray bar that was as long as the tank and laid on the bottom touching the back glass with the jets pointed forward. My idea was that the jets would push all debries to the front of the tank where I could easily syphon them out. The pump that I used produced a flow of about 2-1/2 the tank volume. That resulted in virtually all debries being pushed about 2 inches from the spray bar but not further. The tank was extremely densely planted though.

You have probably seen the following but here it is again - Undergravel Jets

Another idea is to use a lawn sprinkler part made by Toro that you can find (in some) Lowe's stores. It looks like a disk about 2 inches in diameter and accepts 1/2" pipe on one side and has 6 or 8 angled jets (looking like small barbs) that can be moved in any direction. Each jet has a shut off valve. You can attach tubing to each jet and run it anywhere in the tank you want. The drawback is that the jets are made to accept 1/8" hose.

I do believe that you will actually not have that big of a problem with debries because the tank is lower light.

Something that I'd make sure to do is to supply bacteria for the substrate right from the start. I say that because I have a 30 gal. cube that is about 1 to 1-1/2 wpg (depending on the trimming) that never needs any syphoning or cleaning of the glass. I've moved the tank 3 times in the last 8 months and it never has problems, even when I let it evaporate to 2/3 of the volume :D. I believe that that is so because I keep the gravel (100% blasting sand) submersed during the moving.

Good luck with your new monster tank!

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