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new 2nd Tank, what should i put in it ?

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Just bought a new tank (second hand), Im picking ip up tomorrow and hoping to have it filled with water by the next day, as i have to do some work to the stand.
Anyway more to the point.
I will have the tank running, but with no fauna. Until my guppies give birth.

After that i am free to choose what ever i would like.(not salt)
Some options are,
a second tropical community tank,
tropical tank with aggressive fish, (cichlids or Oscars ?)
small turtles ?
possibly heavily planted with schools of tetras. (pending light)

Any suggestions?
Im open to all comments and opinions.
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Ahhh perfect! A tank with no life other than plants and bacteria! A true aquatic plant tank :)

If you want to keep aquatic plants in the same tank then don't choose goldfish, crayfish, turtles or super aggressive cichlids. They will all destroy or dig up the plants in some way.

A community tank could be ok, but in my opinion lacks character. Tetras could be a nice touch, but they are relatively stupid fish and aren't particularly interesting to watch.

I recommend dwarf South American cichlids like apistos, or some West African dwarf cichlids like Kribs etc... They are very colorful and interesting fish. Each one has a unique personality and they tend to have social hierarchies. If you change the water frequently enough, and feed them good food you can probably breed them. They also are not very aggressive as far as cichlids go and don't dig or eat plants. They are the perfect planted tank fish!
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Im thinking of having it as an experimental tank.
Mainly experimenting with plants and substrate, then if the plants are growing well, i can move them into my main tank.
It has a simple timber hood, which i may remove and buy a decent T5 lighting unit for it.
Its only 2 foot, might not be big enough for cichlids ?
Most apistos do very well in a 2 foot tank. They don't get bigger then 2-3 inches.

T5 lights are good.

Also, a 2 foot tank would not be suitable for goldfish (neither is tropical water temperatures of 78F).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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