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Hello all,
I have had several aquariums before but have never tried a planted aquarium. Now that I am off to college, I have a 5 gallon hex. Any ideas for plants? The light is a 10 watt full-spectrum flourescent bulb and I have normal gravel on the bottom. I would prefer not to disrupt my betta and change the existing gravel. I have one waterlilly bulb that I thought I would try for the heck of it and it is growing quite nicely.

Within these parameters, what plants would be good options? What are some good places to buy plants (all of the petstores near me have terrible plants)? Also, I am worried about adding a piece of driftwood to the tank since it is so small. Should I be ok?

Thanks -- this site is quite amazing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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