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New 60x30x30 scape.

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New scape half finished last night:
I'm waiting on more plants namely some pots of Rottalla for the back, some more downoi and a pot of bolbitis for the left hand vertical part and some HC as a foreground.
The problem is everything looks very untidy and all over the shop at the minute also I have no idea of what plants will go in the back corners of the scape, a crypt maybe.
Also, I need something in the middle as a focal point, something to contrast all the rotalla gree.
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Thanks guys, I was starting to think everyone hated it.
The tank specs are.
tetratec ex1200
overtank 2x24w luminaire (hidden behind a skateboard in the picture).
ada aquasoil amazonia
co2 pressurised.
More plants arriving tomorrow. Should have some Proserpinaca palustris and some additional pots of downoi, staurgaune and rotalla too.
They're not vals they are infact c. helfri. I'm probably going to trade them out for something else once I've got some good plant mass in their, I'm thinking hairgrass would look good, always had a soft spot for that plant.
It's a shame I couldn't get the wood and rocks to wok more cohesively for my original wall of stems Idea, but ho hum next tank.

Thanks for the votes of confidence guys.
The wood isn't totally water logged that's the reasoning for the central rock. It'll be removed as soon as the wood stops being floaty.
Nearly there now. Just waiting on bolbitis and HC to arrive. What do people reckon?
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The Downoi is in it's emeresed state at the moment as soon as I have some good solid root stock and it's sent out aquatic leaves I'll cut it back hard like you would with any stem plant and go from there. Same goes for the staurgaune which is also still in it's emeresed form.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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