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Hi folks...

Wanted to post a few pics of my new setup.
The tank is a 75 gallon AGA with an Eheim Pro 2224.
It has about 300 watts of fluorescent lighting (VHOs and NOs run on VHO ballasts), gets pressurized CO2 and ferts via PMDD.

The substrate is a bottom layer of about 1/2" peat, 1" of Schultz Aquatic Soil, 2" of laterite and small gravel then topped with 1" of just gravel.

The tank was set up in early-mid Sept and planted Oct. 5. Pretty typical selection of plants, but if I know me, it will be a continual work in progress anyway!

Right now, the tank has been kind of cloudy the last few days, which I think is due to a bacterial bloom...hard to say. It happened right after I added 8 cherry barbs, though there were already 8 otos and a bunch of shrimp in the tank. I would've thought it would have happened sooner than 3 weeks - who knows.

I did notice some of my hairgrass dying off - I assume this is somewhat normal when they are unpotted and picked apart? I'll be keeping on the 2-day water changes for awhile to keep things from getting too messy.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome! Yes, I know the baby tears need pruning! ;)


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