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hello all I just finished setting up an 80 gallon planted aquarium for a client in the local boston area. the tank is in a store called skipton pet center so if your ever around boston check the tank out. here are some pics taken about a week and i finished scaping the tank. they forced me to use all seachem substrates and fertilizers which i never use so it was a new challenge for me let me know what you think.

fauna: threadfin rainbowfish
anubias nana petite
micro sword
blyxa japonica
hyrophila kompact
limnophila athromatica
rotala indica
didplis diandra
lobelia cardinalis
pogostemon sellatus broad leaf

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That looks really nice. I especially like the hedge of lobelia? that separates the background plants from the micro sword. I know that you said that you just set it up, but I was wondering if you were planning on keeping the didiplis the height it is now or letting it grow taller?
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