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First, let me say I love all of amano's aquascapes.

However, did you know that these photos have all been retouched to enhance the colours and get rid of unwanted equipment.

I have photos of an amano aquascape before and after it's been retouched and it's a difference. it's still a beautiful aquascape, but after it's been retouched, it has a bit more magic to it.

Since these photo's are meant for the aquajournal magazine, i find it reasonable that they should be retouched, afterall photos of models are retouched all the time. Just that as beautiful as amano's aquascapes are, they won't look exactly like the photos in real life.

Before i found out they were retouched, i was getting depressed cause i thought my aquascape could never reach that level of perfection.

I'll post the photo's i have later.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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