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APC is proud to present another innovative feature exclusively for APC members-- Plant Auctions!

This is a totally free service. Go check it out.

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Thanks, Bert.

It has been a couple of weeks now since the Plant Auctions started. I wanted to THANK everyone who has participated so far.

The intent of the auctions was NOT to take anything away from Aquabid or the other auction sites. Rather, it was intended to provide a place where planted aquarium specific items can be offered via auction to a targeted group, i.e., plant nuts!

The auctions feature will continue to be improved over the next few months. If there's any feature you would like to see, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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I'm happy to annouce that the Plant Auctions software has been upgraded to the latest release. Here is the change log.

At this point, we DO NOT have proxy bidding.

Category Icons
Auction room icons
Commenting of offers
Editing comments
Comments + Comment-time
Allow direct selling
Enhanced Messages in auction-offer views
Allow png upload
Navigation in special-block
Title in auction-room view
buy now image in auction-room
View users other items
search unbidded offers
Picture Manager
Url upload
Main picture Javascript Mouseover
Gallery activation
Thumbnail Javascript Mouseover
pm/email notification
confirmation for deletion and bidding
Pm And Email notification on outbid
Pm And Email notification on won, sold and not sold offers
Alignment of submit-buttons
New drop-Down menu block
Number of ratings behind user
List all offers

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With the release of the new Auction version, the auction ticker on the Index page doesn't seem to be working. There are auctions in the auction room but you need to go there to see them.

Thanks for your patience while we fix the index ticker.
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