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Cabomba furcata, limited number, nice bunches
Limnophila hippuroides, (aromatica)
Pogostemon stellatus broad leaf potted
Hygrophila corymbosa kompakt
Blyxa japonica
Anubias minima potted, (some have been coming in variegated)
Hygrophila balsimica
Pellia, Monoselinium, grown on plastic mesh, 2x2", thick and green. I grew this myself on large plastic grid sheets, now available
Crptocoryne affinis

bunch of other plants for stock

Mosses are still in stock and selling well! Christmas moss, Weeping moss, (almost gone) Fern moss, Fissidens, Thai willow moss

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Awesome! I have been looking around for Crypt.Affinis, and for being a common plant it seems to be a bit elusive. I plan on buying a few in a little while, now I know where to get them! Any pics yet?:cool:
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