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New At Green Leaf Aquariums!

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We are proud to say that Green Leaf Aquariums is now the exclusive US dealer for Cal Aqua Labs. We have there whole line of products from Glass
Pipes to the coolest In line Hand Blown glass diffuser.
There glassware is truly a work of art and a must see. So come check out Green Leaf Aquariums and check out the latest.

Best Regards, Orlando
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Verl cool Orlando. :)
Thanks AT! :)

We also have lots of new nano equipment that the US has yet to see.
It is going to be very cool to show you guys the latest technology in Nano equipment.
It realy is going to be cool, so keep your eyes open for next weeks new product updates. Thanks APC for all your support.

Best Regards, Orlando
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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