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Sounds good, might be good, but I always am a bit leery of uber-hype.
This almost seems to be trying to run up some excitement based on some big, "scientificaly" sounding words(yep...I made that word up!).
I used to write advertising I know of what I speak.
Heck..I'll even take a shot at this!
"AquaLife 2(made up this substrate name, just to be clear!) is made of an all natural compressed absorptive mineral matrix, which is particularly well suited to the planted tank based on physical and chemical properties proven useful for centuries in the cultivation of aquatic and semi-aquatic vegetation. It's extreme porosity combined with material aquatic impermeability, allow this "wonder substrate" to both attract and redistribute nutrients from the water column while concurently maintaining it's physical attractiveness for years. An irregular shape yet general uniform granual size assure the "scape artist" a full measure of design options, yet, may well represent the perfect root development environment for the long term health of the flora. Natural ion exchange properties may well prove that Aqualife2 even assists in the removal of heavy metals and other potentially negative impurities from the water column!
AquaLife2..Plasticity in substrate management is a beautiful thing!"

I just described cat litter.
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