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New Dual Manifold Regulator..

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That has some quality components from what I can see. I may get one to inject CO2 in my 30g and 20g tanks.
Thanks gheitman! Its a very solid work horse of a co2 regulator.
Is there a combination with a triple manifold? I'm considering setting up a new tank and would like to have CO2 injection on three tanks.
I do have them on hand, they are just not up on the site. If you do plan on getting a triple be sure to use all 3.
Some folks get 3 way only because they plan on a third tank and close the needle valve completely shut.
Doing this will permanently damage the needle valve.
If you need a 3 way just drop me an email or PM..:)

Regards, Orlando

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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