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New forum and moderator

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I'm pleased to announce the creation of a new forum for freshwater shrimp and other inverts. Interest in these inverts has grown to a level where we think they deserve their own forum.

I'm also delighted to introduce Piscesgirl as the new moderator to the forum. She has extensive experience in this area and I'm sure we'll all learn a lot from her.
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Congrats PG! :)

You'll be a great asset to this new and much needed forum. :-D
Yes! shrimps!! I love them, have 5 tanks just for them!
Thank you Art and Jan -- I'm very glad to be here and I'm looking forward to all the discussions I'm hoping we'll have on some of my favorite aquarium inhabitants -- the shrimp! And, I don't want to forget my friends, the much maligned 'pest' snails!
Yes, please share your crystal reds with us all :)
LOL, Grandmasterofpool! I can share some pictures with you :)

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Thank you Jdinh04 :)

heres another one of my shrimp:

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Congratulations =) I'm sure I'll abuse this forum as much as the others ;) MWhahaha you'll never be rid of me
Congrats PG and great idea Art!
Congratulations PG! I look forward to learning much in this forum.
Hey i didnt even see this forum here! What a great idea!
Way to go PG! I will definitely keep up with this forum as I do not have any shrimp yet, but hope to add some soon.
Thank you all so much for the very warm welcome :)
Odd, just as my shrimp fetish begins to take over me, I find this great new forum. Now thats what I call service:) Congrats PG!
Thanks Dennis! Shrimp fetishes are good! :)
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