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New from Aussie ;))

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Hello all!

I got my first tank, a 160L (42g) at the beginning of the year. It, ATM, is embedded with rocks, drfitwood and fake plants, I don't want to try live plants in that one, because I have an apple snail in there and have heard they like to eat plants ;)

For Xmas, I got the best present.. Yup! A new tank! LOL

Its a 85L/22g long and ATM is being kept cycled with some goldfish until I can figure out some stocking :)

It has a 33watt light, so I plan to lightly-mildly plant it.

Glad to have found this site! :)
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If your apple snail is a briggs it won't eat your live plants, just dead ones.

Welcome! Congrats on your new tank!
Welcome to the forum, Demi.
Welcome to APC Demi! Congrats on the new Christmas present. They're the best kind. :)
Welcome to APC :D ... Great gift!
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