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Hello everyone, I am an avid Mini trucker who has recently gotten involved with the Aquarium scene.

I have a complete 75 gallon fish tank and wooden stand I bought off a coworker for 50 bux. I have some large decorative rocks and natural plants. I have 5 average size Amazon Swords and a couple smaller plants that I do not recall the name of. My fish consist of 2 Bala sharks, 2 Marble Angle fish, 5 Tiger Barbs, 2 Cherry Barbs, 1 Gramourie (sp) and 1 GSP (Green spotted Puffer). I have heater for the tank and recently introduced C02. I have two 2 liter bottle with a check valve in the tubes going directly to my powerheads. So far eveything seems to be going very well.

I did start to get a little bit of murky water but I think thats because some of the yeast got into the tank. I will be setting up a bottle off of the two liters to catch any yeast residue. The last one that I made leaked and I took it off but need to redo it. I am starting to get some algea growth and need to look into that. I do weekly water changes of about 30%. I also have yet to add any sort of plant growth to the tank, just the C02 at the moment.

I am a quick learner and hope to gain a lot of knowledge using this site.


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