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Wow :)

Pretty tank. I'd like to see this setup with flattened glosso, as Tsunami suggested. I suspect there might be a need for a little more driftwood after that, and maybe letting the Hemianthus bulge out a little taller after reshaping it :)

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I see where you're going with it.

I would suggest trimming the glosso as it detracts from the mountain feel. Keeping it close to the substrate as mentioned above would be good.

The HM seems a bit out of control to me. It should be trimmed to accentuate the shape of the driftwood or rock (I can't tell from the picture).

Lastly, I think the crypt on the right (might be wendtii) throughs the composition off balance a bit. I would move it to the background or all together.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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