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New livestock at Petsmart

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Anybody else have some new livestock at their local Petsmart? I went there for some fish and dog supplies and noticed something different in the tank with the Bala Sharks. Lo and behold they have Roseline Sharks! The price tag was just the barcode and price without the description card like the other fish. I got to looking for other price tag only fish and noticed they also have clown plecos and ember tetras. And i thought it was a miracle when they started carrying rubbernose plecos last year!

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Yes I have and so has my friend. He needs to stay far away from petsmart. He keeps getting fish and now he is going to have to probably get another tank soon.
I bought a tiny bristle nose there, about a month ago, labled as a common. Ill have to go check it out, an see if they have anything new.
My local Petsmart actually had Peacock Gudgeons come in.
From what the department manager said, their stocks are seasonal and I actually believe him. In NoVa, they only have a wide assortment during the early springtime and early fall months, this is when I pick up ember tetras and other harder to find species.
I was at the local petsmart a couple of weeks ago and I was very surprised that they had roseline sharks. I've seen them at another shop on sale for $89 and was completely astounded that the petsmart had them for only $28! Still... that is way too much for me at the moment. PS the person working in that department did not know what they were nor did she have any care requirements for them. She said that they were fully grown (at 3in) and would be fine kept singly in a ten gallon community tank. lol.
My local Petsmart actually had Peacock Gudgeons come in.
Mine too! I couldn't remember the name of them at the time i posted though, haha. I picked up a clown pleco while i was there. I wish i had a tank big enough for roselines...
$28? Not bad at all for rose lines. I'm guessing they've gotten them from a breeder (they've been using hormones on adults to induce breeding). Someone who used to work at PetSmart told me the company is very conscious of importing wild fish (though they do some from time to time...)

Here's an interesting read about the species from a very reputable source:
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