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I'm relatively new to planted tanks but not new to fishkeeping. I've kept tanks for a few years and have mostly decorated them with novelty decor, plastic plants and not so natural looking gravel. I always wanted to keep live plants but didn't have the courage to my first year and a half in this hobby. Finally after seeing the most beautiful aquascapes in my life inspired by Takashi Amano I decided to take that plunge to keep live plants.

Currently I am upgrading my 29 and 55 gallons mainly the 55 gallon which has become my main focus these past weeks.

I upgraded the lighting to AH Supply's 4x55 Bright Kit and I plan to experiment with the noon burst method of leaving one 2x55 Bright Kit on 3-4 hours, then both 2x55 Bright Kit's on 3-4 hours in the middle of the day then toward the evening, go back to only leaving on one 2x55 Bright Kit 3-4 hours until I shut all the lights off for at least 12 hours.

The gravel I dug out and replaced it with's planted substrate (similar to Soil Master Select).

I took the two Penguin Bio-Wheel 350's out and now am using a Rena FilStar xP3 canister filter although I don't think it's enough water movement so I am about to invest in an inexpensive Max-Jet powerhead for more.

CO2, I've got a Milwaukee regulator, 10 lb cylinder and am about to run it through my Rena FilStar xp3.

Ferts. None yet. I'm ordering KNO3, KH2PO4, Plantex CSM+B, Iron and GH Booster and I shall start dosing once I replant everything. Get the CO2 running through the xp3 and start the noon burst lighting with my 4x55 Bright Kit.

As for what plants I want to keep in the coming weeks once this all gets set up: Java moss, riccia, amazon swords, cabomba carolina, telanthera rosefolia, rotala macrandra, red rubin swords, banana plant and cortortionist vals.

Fish. I have a pair of angels, a school of blackline rasboras and 7 corydoras. I'll be adding BN pleco's, more cories, a farlowella and perhaps hatchetfish (only if I get a guard on my filter...).

Mainly south american fishes. I might take the rasboras out and make it entirely a south american like biotope. I realise all the plants I'll keep are not south american but hopefully they're all compatible.

With all that said, I am hear to learn the tricks of the trade. I think I have learned alot, done much research but I'm sure I still have alot to discover in the planted tank hobby. So let the fun begin. Of all the planted boards I came across this by far seems like the best. :)

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Welcome to APC! You've indeed found a very friendly, knowledgeable group of people here.

It sounds like you're off to a great start, and if you have questions as you go, don't hesitate to ask. :)
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