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Hi my name is Felix Catano and I am in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, I am a Electrical Engineer working at Intel here in Rio Rancho and one of my hobbies is Fish tanks I currently have three tanks in my house, one is 120 gallon fish only with live rock tropical, a 20G reef tank with corals and I just started a new 80 gallon freshwater planted tank. I am glad I am part of this community and I hope I can learn as much from you guys out there as possible and if I can help anybody with my knowledge I will be glad. Thanks.
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Welcome to APC Felix!

I have a few salt tanks myself, and a high tech planted tank can be every bit as challenging, so it's fun. :)
Welcome to APC! Looks like you have the multiple tank syndrome bug too! lol
Hi Felix,

Welcome to the forums. LOL, another member with MTS (multiple tank syndrome) :D.

What kind of fish will you have in your freshwater tank?
Welcome, Felix. You're in good company.
Hello Felix... Its good to have you join us here at APC... Welcome aboard :bounce:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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