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New plants for the new year

Rotala rotundifolia GREEN, the somewhat rare green version of this plant, see the plant finder
2.75 per bunch of five stems

Bacopa australis, large bunches

Limnophila aromatica hippuroides

Ludwigia inclinata GREEN, rarely available
$2.75 normally 3.50

Rotala nanjenshan

Red Temple, 6 to 8" long stems

Red Tiger lotus

Anubias minima mother plants

Anubias coffefolia pots

Echinodorus vesuvius, only ten plants available. Medium size $4.99 each

Hygrophila corymbosa narrow leaf

Echinodorus harbich, rarely available

Echinodorus bolivianus, small grass like plant, 3 or 4 inches tall, spreads and grows very easily, 10 plants for 4 dollars while they last. Want a super easy to grow, low tech foreground plant, then this is it.
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