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Arriving this week

Cyperus helferi potted!
Hygrophila balsamica
Limnophila hippuroides, (aka aromatica)
Ludwigia ovalis
Ozelot GREEN new
C balansae XL, OK if you thought my large was BIG, you won't believe these! new
Vallisneria nana bunches
Sagittaria chilensis, (platyphylla) new
Aponogeton boivinianus
Aponogeton capuroni bulbs new
Aponogeton longiplumulosus bulbs NEW
Anubias congensis
Isotoes lacustris
Pogostemon helferi submrsed potted
Pogostemon helferi EMERSED POTTED NEW! Some of you saw the write up on this in TAG. Here it is.
Giant Hairgrass potted Eleocharis montevidensis . I havn't had this in a long time
Pogostemon stellata, (narrow leaf) potted NEW

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Well in general all stem plants have at least 4 or 5 stems to a bunch. The only exception may be plants with very thick stems like Pogostemon stellata or Limnophila aromatica hippuroides, then its usually 3 stems. Plants with very thin stems like Rotala indica, or micranthemoides have quite a bit more than 4 or 5 stems, I couldn't even guess how many. Other than that I could not be more specific because it changes all the time. When I have plants that are of exceptional size, I note that, other wise I don't indicate the exact size and its just average. When I have tried to indicate size, like the Java fern mats, somebody measures it and then yells at me because I am an inch or two off in my estimate. That actually happened. He made a big fuss about it on! :(

One thing you can be absolutely sure of is I will never sell any stem plant PER STEM and call it a plant. As far as height of the stems, that varies too, but its usually not less than six inches.

Welcome to the AB family!
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