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In this week:

NEW! North American Spadderdock, two species: Cape fear and Round leaf Spadderdock

Spadderdock, (Nuphar lutea) is native to North and South Carolina, and has bright yellow flowers when grown outside. It does not flower in the aquarium. This water lily grows from a thick tuber and under moderate light is relatively easy to grow.

The Cape fear spadderdock looks something like its Japanese cousin, Nuphar Japonica, except the leaves are more elongated. They have the same translucent green texture and wavy edges, in fact the wavyness is more pronounced on the Nuphar lutea than the Nuphar japonica. The round leaf spadderdock is a different variant specie of N. lutea.


Limnophila hippuroides, aka aromatica

Rotala nanjenshan

Proserpinaca palustris

comes looking like this:

grows to look like this:

Petite anubias nana large portion

Blyxa japonica

Red Tiger Lotus

Java moss on driftwood

nana on driftwood

narrow leaf nana on driftwood

coffefolia on wood

Monosolenium tenerum

Anubias minima

The only dwarf long leaf Anubias that has been developed. Max height 6 to 8". Easy to grow, low light, low tech, low hassle!

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