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New Post! Microsorium

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Hello again APC!
This post is going to be about a few relatively new/unknown Microsorium varieties. Here is a taste of what you'll find by clicking on the link banner below! Enjoy!

This one may look similar to Tropica, but if you were to compare the two, you would notice that this one has much more "teeth" on it's edges, and the teeth are much more narrow. I really prefer this one over Tropica, but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder :) This one is relatively new, and not many hobbyists have this certain variety. Leaves are approximately 5-6 inches maximum.

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Very beautiful and unique!
Your banner only takes me to
Hi Aaron,

I sent him an PM last night advising him there was a problem. I will give it until tomorrow to fix it.

Problem fixed; thank you Inspire91. BTW, nice shots of Java Ferns!
My apologies, but the banner link takes you to the commercial site which was not my intention. The fixed link is below,
Thank you!

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