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Can any of you vouch for this product?

I've shopped with these guys before with good results, and I want a CO2 system that is cheap and reliable. I could get a Milwauke set on ebay for a little cheaper (90ish dollars including shipping), but I'd still have to find a diffuser. So this price is decently competitive, and it has all that I need in one package. My only concern is quality. If any of you have used this system or can somehow vouch for it, please do. If you'd prefer to warn me away from it, I'll listen to that as well. If this product isn't up to par, please link me to something with a similar price tag that is. :)

Also, how does the Milwauke system compare to other systems? If it will do what I need it to do for 30 dollars less, then it's still a possibility.

Thank you!
If you're goning to be adding a pressurised system to a tank larger than 65 gallons you might want to look at using a CO2 reactor and not a diffuser.
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