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I am gearing up for the holiday gift season, and this year I am trying something totally different.

Indonesian hand made wood carvings of sea life and birds!

Its not as much of a stretch as you may think! Many of us have the aquarium as part of a home decor theme and have other things around the aquarium that compliement it.

These wood carvings come straight from the rainforest as part of a renewable resource, from dead wood gathered from preserved and protected rainforest. No trees are harvested to make these products. They are hand carved by local people and exported by a consortium of local town people. The money goes back to local town people and to help protect the land. The wood is a burl from a Bali tree, a parasite causes the wood to distort and deform into unique mushroom-like growths. From these growth burls these unique carvings are made. The removal of the wood growth from the tree helps to improve its health and longevity.

Each piece is exquisite and unique. The pieces I have coming next week are of dolphins, sea horses, sea turtles, sting rays, and humming birds.



They range in size from 4 to 10 inches. I will have actual photos of each piece next week. They will range in price from 20 to 28 dollars each.

Also coming next week, Indonesian root wood, Tambora wood is back! Last time I sold out pretty quickly. This is very unique looking aquarium wood with great texture and color. Sinks within 24 hours, contains NO tannin. Will NOT color the water.
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