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I started out using the Dennerle approach with my current tank a couple of years ago. After quite a bit of messing about, a faulty solenoid, adding more light, spending too much on replacing algae covered plants in the early days and a couple of other issues I gave up on the Dennerle system and tried something else. Namely TMG, which has given me reasonable results with my Dennerle hardware. Now I've started adding additional K using Seachem's K product and things are going reasonably well. The tank is 180 l, with a few discus and some tetras, and is planted with weeds-namely a lot of Hygrophila polysperma, some H. stricta and a fair bit of Rotala rotundifolia. There are also a bunch of crypts, a couple of small sword plants and a large Nymphaea lotus 'Red'.

Point being that these are not the most challenging plants to grow. I'm about to set-up another tank, which will have higher light levels than before and will be using a flourite substrate with pressurised CO2. As I'll be using some more demanding plants in the new set-up, E. stellata for example, I'm keen to hear some suggestions for dosing a 120 l tank for traces and macros. My initial thought was to use TMG or Flourish and supplement NPK accordingly (i.e. after a bit of consultation here). Obviously there are some differences between TMG and Flourish (TMG doesn't contain N, P, Ca, Mg). In the current set-up I don't feel the need to add N, P supplements as I have a bunch of discus in there, which I think provide quite a bit of additional supplementation themselves! I also live in a hard water area, and presently use a tap-water/RO mix to achieve a KH of around 6 degrees. So any suggestions on how I might approach my new set-up's fert needs would be welcome, taking into account the higher light levels and more demanding plants.

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