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What I have:

10 gallon tank
2x15w GE Chroma 50 Flourescent Light
Flourite substrate mixed with a little bit of playsand
External Canister filter
DIY CO2 yeast mix in a liter bottle

Plants I have:

hygrophilia croymbosa
hygrophilia polysperma
echinodorus martii
echinodours bleheri
echinodorus osiris
echinodours barthii
cryptocoryne wendtii
cryptocoryne ciliata
cryptocoryne crispatula
ceratophyllum demersum
anubias congensis


pH- 6.8
KH- 6dKH
5 bubbles per minute from the DIY CO2 system

This tank was set up five days ago. When I received the plants, they were pretty healthy and green. Now, most of them have yellow and brown leaves. Some of the leaves are curling and others are wilting.I have not seen any growth. Each day, it seems like they are dying rather than growing. I thought there might be some deficiency, so I bought Kent's Nitrate and Phosphate supplement and Seachem's Potassium supplement. I also bought Seachem's Flourish. I added about 1ml of each supplement a day ago. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I DO? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? PLEASE HELP!

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Pat Bowerman,
The bubbles are going into the external canister filter. Maybe I have bad test kits, but it can't be because I just bought the American Pharmaceutical KH test. Maybe the pH test kit is bad. It's been in the garage for about a year and I just found it. I think I should buy a new pH test kit. I have tested the water many times, and it comes out the same every single time, which is the pH of 6.8 and a KH of 6 degrees.
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