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I was planning on keeping Amazon Swords, Java Fern and Anubias Nana.
Hi Greg,

You're right -- those are low light plants. My Anubias nana are under plant lights, but I have Amazon Swords and java fern in some tanks that only get sunlight through the window. Been there for years. They just grow very slowly.

The actinic bulb/low light idea is a good one. On my newest tank, a 6'2" 125-gallon, I have eight bulbs. Each pair has timers that are set differently, sort of simulating the sun going up and down. My plecos come out of hiding when 2 plant light bulbs (the pinkish ones) are on. If you are wanting plant lighting, this could be a good alternative.

Oh -- I also used ecocomplete, and it was so much better than any other substrate I've ever used that I spent last weekend stripping down another tank to replace the gravel/laterite with ecocomplete!

Good luck.
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