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APC welcomes its newest sponsor, Glass Gardens!

Here's a little about Glass Gardens:

Glass Gardens started in April of 2004 as a small home based aquarium
business offering custom built aquarium furniture. We began offering aquatic
plants raised in-house to local stores and aquarists and eventually opened a
small outdoor aquatic gardening center, mainly to increase our holding
capacity. In May 2004 we began to develop an online business focusing on
aquarium related products beginning with the Milwaukee Instruments line. Our
current plans include further development of our website to include a full
range of products for the planted aquarium and the opening of a retail
storefront by the end of August with indoor nurseries and and breeding

Our business philosophy is simple, to offer our customers a quality product
at an affordable price with no tricks or gimmicks. We offer honest, up front
pricing, fast shipping and excellent service after the sale. You can see our
product offerings at or on eBay under the
"glass-gardens" ID, contact us at [email protected].

You can ask Troy questions about his company in the Sponsor Forums.
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