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New St. Louis Group?

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My apologies to the Mods as I am not sure really where to put this, but:

If there is anyone in the St. Louis area that would like to start a Aquatic Plant and Fish Group, please let me know. There is one club locally, but I am looking for something a little less formal.

Please let me know, and we'll try to start a new club! PM me or respond here and I'll "suscribe" to this thread.

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That would sound great, but it has been hard for people to do that around here. So many people in the hobby around st louis belong to Masi, and it is slim pickens around here. I belong to Masi and I came to APC to find plants, because st louis lfs does not carry anything. The best shop here would be Aqua World, but they get bread and butter plants from AFN. Just to give you a heads up there is a auction coming up in two weeks. on the 8th of Feb, If you want give them a try, besides you can get awards for the plants you turn into the club. That's what I do.
Bump for MASI - I'm not a member, but I have been to one of their auctions and I strongly recommend going to one. At the one I attended, there were not a whole lot of plant buyers but the sellers brought in some *really* nice stuff that sold for lots less than Aqua World prices (some lots were nearly given away, even by APC board standards). There were also many nice deals on various Killies, Apistos, Shrimp, Angels, Discus............

Note that they've quit using the Stratford, have moved to a hall on Gravois.
I have been PM'ing dw above to get some more details on MASI. Sounds like I'll be going to the next auction on 2/8 to check it out.

From the sounds of it from both you and dw, I would still like to start a group that is specifically designed for plants, but if there is no interest, then I won't pursue it. I wonder why this is?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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