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Hi, all...

First of all, sorry for my terrible english, but i'm from Brazil, and i don't have many chances to practice, so i hope you can understand. This is the first thread i'm posting at the Aquascaping forum. I'm from São Paulo, southeast region of Brazil, and this is my new hardscape.

This tank has 60x36x30 , and the setup is:

Light: 2 x 24 Watts PL
CO2: CO2 cilinder, 3 bubbles/sec
Substract: Sera Flora Depot
Liquid Fert: Ferka Aquatilizer and Ferka Balance K (sometimes, KNO3, MgSO4 and quelate Iron, depending on algae)

Pretended Flora:
Mini pellia (Riccardia chamedrifolia)
Rotala sp. green
Hemianthus micranthermoides
Bolbitis heudelotti
Valisneria nana
Heteranthera zosterifolia.

Pretended fauna:
There's still a doubt here: i do have 20 Sawbwas resplendens, and 20 Danio choprae... also have 20 Hyphessobrycon amapaensis and 30 Bryconella pallidifrons... still thinking about it.

Well, this is the picture:

Critics will be welcome!
Thank you in advance.

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Any updates, Reinaldo?
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