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When you first register here at Aquatic Plant Central all of the information collected in the sign up process is used for internal purposes and account settings only. This means your default account is bland and boring. While Aquatic Plant Central is an advocate of privacy we do encourage our users to take a few minutes to update their profiles and let the rest of the community know who you are. :)

For new users your profile will tell experienced members to give you the extra time in explanations and for our pros, a full profile lets our regulars know they can go to a higher level when chatting about fertilization theories with you. No matter what you choose to fill in from your regional location, tank specs, occupation or any other details the amount of information shared is completely up to you so your privacy is as strict or loose as you choose for it to be.

Providing even a few basic details helps everyone else know a little about you so head on over to and add some information right now!
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