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hello everyone...a few days ago i bought a few amazon swords not thinking about properlighting and fertilzer or anything like that...right now i have a 75 gal with 10 1-2" red breast piranhas.....the past few days i have noticed that my plants have been turning yellow and somewhat limp....can anyone help me with this? or just give some advice on what equipment etc. i will need to keep them alive and healthy?..thank you.
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Welcome... What type of lighting/wattage do you have? You will need a least 2WPG for Amazon Swords. How about your substrate is it plain gravel and how deep? A depth of at least 2" is best and I suggest adding root tabs since A. Sword are heavy root feeders. Turning yellow could be a sign of iron deficiency or not enough light.
hmm jus using natural gravel for now....i have about 2 inches of it...and lighting isnt that great....i got about 2 24" lights on it....with 2 thsa like hmm...only aroudn 60 watts ..lold damn...i think i need alot more
Your main problem is your lighting/wattage, this is way A. Swords are turning yellow. I would look into getting some better lighting if you want to keep plants. For a 75G tank you will need at least a 150 watts to get 2WPG.

It is ok to use natural gravel but make sure it is around 2-3mm in size. Since you don't have any nutrients in the gravel you will have to use root tabs.
hm..yeah my natural gravel is around that size..sorry..but ..what are root tabs? lol
Root tabs is a gravel bed conditioner that are designed to be inserted in the gravel to provide nutrients to the roots. Seachem makes one called Flourish tabs which I use. You can also use Jobes fern & palm spikes, which I'm going to try in the future.
lol hmm ill try that..thanks alot man....and yeah...i got 160 watts of light now...i got 2 48" double light fixtures...the bulbs are all 40 i think im alright for now also gonna try doing the diy yeast and sugar CO2 thing
Here is a couple of links to help with DIY C02...
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