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New to co2 need help

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I've been running a 4x2x2 planted tank without co2 for almost a year just using planted substrate and DIY co2 (yeast) I've decided to branch out into the world of pressurised co2 and have been given a tmc v2 pressure regulator with solinoid and needle valve only problem is the regulator is american cga320 and won't fit my jbl refillable bottle
I have looked into the converters/adapters but I can't seem to find one can anyone help me as I'm stuck and on a budget so can't really afford to buy a new regulator a different co2 cylinder
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All American made gas fittings are CGA. Never use teflon tape on a CGA thread connection. What is a jbl refillable bottle? Did you look on eBay?
Jbl is a eu aquarium brand co2 company as I'm from the uk I've tried eBay I've tried uk plantedaquarium forums and I've got nowhere

Basically I need a adapter/converter from a uk bottle to and American regulator
I can't see what the pictures are trying to show me
Forget my last post. I re-read you original post and what I had shown wont work for you because it would be on the high pressure side.

What thread type and size are on your bottle?
Unfortunately the adapters there won't fit but that's the sort of thing I need
Is it possible to remove your stock CO2 nipple and nut and then replace it with the correct ones for your JBJ cylinder?

That's what many of us do when we purchase regulators on eBay that have the wrong nipple and nut for our intended use. The price in US dollars runs from approximately $7 to $15 for brass ones. More than likely, the internal threads on your US regulator are the same as what are used in the UK. The regulator should have female 1/4" NPT threads. Your nipple should have male 1/4" NPT threads. Your JBJ cylinder should have the standard European threads. Do note that removing the stock nipple won't be easy. They are held on very tight. When you put a new one on, make sure that it is very tight too. Do use Teflon tape on the nipple threads that go into the regulator. But do not use Teflon tape where the nipple screws onto your CO2 cylinder as Newt said. You use a sealing washer between the cylinder and the regulator's nipple to form a tight seal. Be sure to screw it on tight too. If not, it will leak.
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