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New to co2 need help

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I've been running a 4x2x2 planted tank without co2 for almost a year just using planted substrate and DIY co2 (yeast) I've decided to branch out into the world of pressurised co2 and have been given a tmc v2 pressure regulator with solinoid and needle valve only problem is the regulator is american cga320 and won't fit my jbl refillable bottle
I have looked into the converters/adapters but I can't seem to find one can anyone help me as I'm stuck and on a budget so can't really afford to buy a new regulator a different co2 cylinder
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Jbl is a eu aquarium brand co2 company as I'm from the uk I've tried eBay I've tried uk plantedaquarium forums and I've got nowhere

Basically I need a adapter/converter from a uk bottle to and American regulator
I can't see what the pictures are trying to show me
Unfortunately the adapters there won't fit but that's the sort of thing I need
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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