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Well, first you want to make sure that your KH is AT LEAST 3dkh or roughly 50 ppm. If it's lower, the addition of co2 can cause large pH swings.

As far as a starting point, start out slow and work your way up gradually. The bubble rate has alot to do with things like how efficient your diffuser/reactor setup is. Also, surface turbulance made a BIG difference for me.

I would start out with maybe 1 bubble every 3 seconds (you might be able to get away with more but it's best to error on the side of caution), test your water for KH and Ph the next day and slowly alter your bubble rate accordingly. Repeat as necessary

I've had to add as much as 4 bubbles and as little as 1 bubble per second, depending on my setup, to reach a co2 level of 30 ppm or so.

Slow and steady is usually the best method.

*edit: I do not leave my co2 on all the time, just when the lights are on. If you leave it on all the time and do not have a pH controller you might want to start out with even less
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