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New to Crypts and already addicted.

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G'day from an Aussie crypt fan,

This is an excellent source of information for crypts, well done to this forum. I've got a few questions so I'll put them all in this thread. Here goes ...

I've recently setup a 4' tank that is planted fairly "crypt heavy" and has some growing in to do. Here's a pic from a month or two ago;

I've since removed the red sword in the center for more crypts. What I want to do with tank is have a solid wall of C. Balansae for 70% of the background from the left. As you can see it is getting there, I planted 3. My first question is this, would pruning the tall Balansae leaves encourage more runners?

Toward the front left I've planted what maybe a Tonkenisis. I've just started an emersed setup and will try and get this plant to flower for an ID. Anyhow, here are some pics of it growing submersed if anyone wants to comment on it.
First a front shot;

Closer up;

What ever it is, it has sent out a runner;

and a side shot to show the beautiful red color, the photo doesn't do it justice;

I'll put in a photo of my newly setup emersed setup. It was an old 4' cracked tank that I patched up.
First the patched cracks;

A front view showing the glass baffles I put in for water falls;

And lastly running bare as a proof of concept;

I'll be getting my hands on as many crypts as I can to play with in my emersed tank, hopefully I'll get some flowering happening. I've been reading a lot of threads on here for ideas. I've had this running for a week or so and it seems to be staying very humid. It has a lot of plants in but not many are crypts yet, just test plants to convince myself it will work.
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Hi there,
welcome to the APC and the world of crypts.

Your emerse crypt setup looks good and ready to go. It might be good to get a cover for your tank to maintain a reasonable level of humidity for the plants.

Any plans on what species you want to keep?
Hey Alan,

I forgot to put the covers on for that photo, I have covers and they are a reasonably tight fit. The species I have so far in my Submersed tank are the following;

Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya'
Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica'
Cryptocoryne willisii
Cryptocoryne walkeri
Cryptocoryne undulata
Cryptocoryne beckettii ''Petchii''
Cryptocoryne crispatula
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. tonkenisis
Cryptocoryne Siamensis
Cryptocoryne Rosenervous

I plan to put all these in the emersed tank once runners form. I have a few species that are a bit of a mystery as well. Here's a photo of one that I bought at my LFS that I think maybe Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica' as it grows similar to one I bought that was name tagged. In my small 2' tank in eco-complete it looks like this;

Same plant in my 4' tank in eco-complete, peat, bauxite and diatomite substrate;

In this richer substrate with less light it almost grows black. If anyone would like to take a guess based on the submersed growth, I'm all ears ....

The plant highest on my "wish list" is parva which is hard to come across here for some reason. It's around but only becomes available rarely ...
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looks like a nice tank for an emersed setup. Will you be doing anything to keep runners from growing into each other or will you just have one species per compartment?
Hey Andrew,

Everything will be going into pots, the gravel in there is just to take out some height. I had one suggestion to put leaf litter in one compartment but I'll keep it all to pots for now ....
Hi FarCanal, Nice setup and nice growth there. Keep it up...
Hey Andrew,

Everything will be going into pots, the gravel in there is just to take out some height. I had one suggestion to put leaf litter in one compartment but I'll keep it all to pots for now ....
sounds good then, carry on and post more pics when it's planted up :D
I think I should update this thread, it's been awhile. Might be easier to keep all my stuff in one place. As you will see, the addiction has really taken hold ...

From August 2008;

From October 2008;

From September 2009;

From February 2010;

From March 2010; ... after a big cleanup
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.... and the Spathes

C. Crispulata Balansae

C. Cordata "Rosenervis"

C. Cordata "Blassii"

C. Wendtii "unknown"

C. Wendtii "Red"

C. Willissii

C. Wendtii "Green"

C. Pontederiifolia
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Wow man, nice setup! +1 on the waterfalls, nice touch. Hehe how long did it take you to paost that many pictures?
Your pal,
Just had a go at cutting up the Pontederiifolia spathe. Made a bit of a mess of it, the cut removed the male part from the kettle wall.

The entire spathe, this kettle is very transparent;

The female part of the flower;

Kettle wall from the inside, tiny little dots;

2 photo's of the male part of the flower, there is a gap in the male flowers and some of them are further down the spadix than normal;

Whilst flicking through the photo's on the computer I noticed this little black speck in the back ground kept moving around. Towards the top of the photo, directly above the mid point of the spadix. Didn't notice it with the naked eye. Got some little insects attracted to the flowers.
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Wow man, nice setup! +1 on the waterfalls, nice touch. Hehe how long did it take you to paost that many pictures?
Your pal,
They are just copied and pasted from an Australian Forum which I update more regularly. A lot of those pictures I've posted on here before in individual threads. I just thought I'd put it all together in one place for this tank as I'm setting up a few more.
Some progress snaps taken at the end of May.

This Pontederiifolia open last night, pretty quick between flowers at 20 days. This plant goes through the flowering process quicker than any of the other crypts I've had;

This Blassii is getting closer, still probably a week away;

The last Blassii that flowered, the female parts of the melted flower can still be seen, out of focus in the foreground is another spathe starting. Also some very tiny spider webs can be seen too;
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Wow! That is an amazing setup! I hope that I can get my collection to that many! Good job, you know what your doing!
Just had some new camera gear arrive so I thought I'd try it out on this spathe that opened this morning. Now I normally take my photo's first thing in the morning and I think this is the first time I've taken a photo of a crypt spathe at midday .... OMG the smell is simply horrid. I'd heard that C. Cordata flowers can smell like a dead rat but this is the first time I've really smelt a horrid smelling crypt flower. All photo's from now on will be taken as soon as they open!

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Wow! That is simply Beautiful! I need to make my setup bigger like yours! Good job
Those plants are awesome.
I agree about cordata flower stench. It is horrid.

Keep the pics coming. I just wish I had as many species to grow here in NZ.
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