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I have had my aquarium set up for about a year now. It has 11 Cardinal Tetras and 10 Rummy Nose Tetras. The only decorations I have in the tank are a bubble wall and artificial plants. I would now like to put live plants in my tank, but I have no idea how to keep them. Also, how hard is it to keep live plants? Any help here would be greatly appreciated?

The hood on my tank holds two fluorescent lights. I know for a fact that I need to get new lights but I have no idea how many watts I need. The main plant I would like to get is a Amazon sword plant which requires medium lighting. Can someone help me figure out how many watts I need? Also, what brand of lights should I get?

Another question I have is: how do you add fertilizer and how often? And how will I know if I need to add CO2?

Substrate = natural color gravel
Tank volume = 29 gallons
Length = 30 in.
Width = 12 in.
Height = 18 in.
pH = 7.4
GH = 10
KH = 3
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