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hi all,
i absolutly love this site every time i visit and check things out i want to plant a tank even more
so i decided to try a HC lawn in a 5 litre tank first and i have some questions hoping some of you can help me

my tank is small 26cm x 15cm x 15cm
i have a light that is the same length of the tank that i bought off ebay (it says 6700k)
i have 2kg of eco complete
and i have some hc growing in a container (emersed)

my questions are:
1- how thick should i lay the eco complete?

2- how do i fertalise the tank? i have a bottle of seachem flourish do i need anything else
and what doses do i use ie: mls or drops

3- i plan on buying one of those small 200lp/h toms rapid exturnal filters but atm i have no filter
so when and how many % of water changes should i do?

4- what is a good temp to set the heater at for plants?

5- do i need to make a diy co2? or will the ferts do?

sorry if my questions are stupid but im very new and would like to know and grow a healthy hc lawn for my first tank

thanks in advance
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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