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New to plants

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I need some advice on what type of plants to start a 45g planted tank with angles, I already have one amazon sword in the tank. I know I need more light for the tank. What else do I need to do so I can add more plants. I will post pics later.
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Here are some pics of my tank, the light i am getting is this , I bought the 36" version which should give me about 4watts per a gallon. What else will I need? The pics are in the link for the post on AC.
I would not go with 4wpg, that's a little over kill. I would not go over 3 wpg for your first tank.

If you go over 2wpg you will need to add c02 injection & don't forget the ferts.

Take a look at Beginners Basics, it should be helpful.
I need help deciding what light I need for my tank. I bought the one that I had talked about but I want, which I can return. What do I need to buy.
Ok so i did buy a different light I it going to give me around 2.13wpg.
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