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Since Jeff and I are both TMG users with same tank size, I'll bogart on his thread for both of us.

TMG adds K but when I select Tropica TMG Fe and add 10ml to a 75g tank, the K field remains blank. I understand you will fix the decimal place with the Fe calc, maybe this will fix both. Currently 10ml gives me 0.02 Fe. This should also add

This is based on Claus' original post on the Krib that said it has (K 0.79%, Mg 0.39%, S 1.01%, B 0.004%, Cu 0.006%, Fe 0.07%,
Mn 0.04%, Mo 0.002% Zn 0.002%. HEEDTA and DTPA as chelators)

Math: 75g tank = 60 g actual= 227 l
10ml TMG = 10g = 10,000 mg

0.79% x 10,000 mg / 227 liters = 0.348 ppm

Unless I botched a power of 10 or decimal here....

By same token, 10ml also adds 0.172 ppm Mg

Thanks for all the work for us!
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