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Personally I cannot stand MS but there simply are some site that seem to run best with it so I use it from time to time. Opera is probably the slickest though I use Firefox mostly. I downloaded Chrome and that's what I'm using now and have been since it came out on both my Presario laptop and my Dell desktop. Runs fine. No crashes yet though some pages load funny or do not have all their drop down menus. Has not been a big issue though as without the drop downs another area comes up with links to all of what would hae dropped down. It's FAST as all get-out and I'm hopeful it will only get better. If so I will not look back.

I hear IE8 will have tabs. No kidding?!? About 8 years after Opera did as did Netcaptor (a defunct IE overlay that can still be found)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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