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newbie, hoping for critiques

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I have submitted this tank in other fora looking for suggestions and advice, but given the short lifespan of individual posts on a forum, I am submitting this here and hope to get some comments/suggestions on this tank (If you've seen it before please dont mind, I hope I dont come across as fishing for comments, I really want to improve this as I am a newbie).

Here is my 18g tall tank. The lighting is 1 65W 6700k coralife, 1 10w Coralife screw-on cfl and 1 10w all glass 5,500k screw-on cfl. co2 is diy through 2 2.8l juice bottles dissolved in an internal reactor powered by a fluval1 (the only filtration unit) - 36ppm co2, dose kno3 and kh2po4 to maintain 10ppm and 1ppm of no3 and po4 respectively. also dose mgso4 and k2so4 once a week after water change, 0.6ml flourish, 1ml flourish xl and 0.6ml flourish iron everyday. substrate is mix of ecocomplete and flourite on top of a thin layer of laterite and some floursih plant tabs.

I also had a question on the H. zesterofolia, initially it had a vibrant green growth (the above pic is was taken on the 14th of this month), today I noticed transperant creases running across the leaves. I read that the plant becomes pale if nitrates decrease and that it gets white or black creases if there is an iron and/or micrnutrient deficiency. I dont know how I should correct this, increasing the fe/flourish dosing or increasing the nitrate level (its presently 10ppm) or both? Right now the tank is algae free, so I am a little wary of tipping the balance.
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I think it might be a phosphate problem, my tank is going from 1ppm to 0.1ppm of PO4 in a day, is this right? I didnt think it would go so fast, maybe the tests are a bit screwed? I will repeat the test tomorrow and update.
The new leaves are much healthier, the changes I made were to dose phosphates to maintain 1ppm everyday (earlier I was testing for phosphates every 3rd day) and change flourish dosing from 2ml every 3rd day to 0.6ml everyday. I think it has to do with low micros more than low phosphates.
Hi Carlos, thanks for your comments. I was initially reluctant to place anything in that corner, I didnt want to put in stem plants as there is some shade from the driftwood and the moss forms an umbrella (which IMO looks nice so dont want to trim it). Thats why I put in some H Difformis in there hoping that its legendary growth rate will quickly swamp the area and the driftwood (whose branches pretty much define and restrict the corner) will confine the difformis from spreading all over. Unfortunately the plant hasnt lived up to its reputation as yet.
You bet I would keep you guys updated, if I were learning the guitar this would be like getting training from eric clapton, john mclaughlin.....
Updates on my two tanks:

18 gallon:

10 gallon:

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Of course not!! Thanks! In my defense though the second one has been set up for 3 weeks now and I am just throwing plants in it from the other tank to let them grow out a bit and then scape the tank, but you are right at present it looks meaningless.
Points taken Carlos! Thanks!!
Ken thanks, yeah I have come this close >< to chucking the driftwood and growing stem plants in its place, but laying it on the side may be more useful, I'll give it a try. The images are hotlinked so I am not sure why they didnt show, its showing for me but it may be cached.

Carlos, I must respectfully disagree about the 10g though. Its too early to call it and I havent yet scaped it to match my plnas for it, but I am looking fwd to the comments on it once its near to done.


I rearranged the driftwood to lie on its side, moved back the stargrass, removed the bacopa, added a java fern, added diandra(thanks to travis s for the donation), took out the cwendtii and hacked down the water sprite.

Here is a updated pic of the 10g:

two otos:
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Hi Robert,
Its a plastic mesh, siliconed to a piece of glass to make it sink, with riccia on it.
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