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newbie, hoping for critiques

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I have submitted this tank in other fora looking for suggestions and advice, but given the short lifespan of individual posts on a forum, I am submitting this here and hope to get some comments/suggestions on this tank (If you've seen it before please dont mind, I hope I dont come across as fishing for comments, I really want to improve this as I am a newbie).

Here is my 18g tall tank. The lighting is 1 65W 6700k coralife, 1 10w Coralife screw-on cfl and 1 10w all glass 5,500k screw-on cfl. co2 is diy through 2 2.8l juice bottles dissolved in an internal reactor powered by a fluval1 (the only filtration unit) - 36ppm co2, dose kno3 and kh2po4 to maintain 10ppm and 1ppm of no3 and po4 respectively. also dose mgso4 and k2so4 once a week after water change, 0.6ml flourish, 1ml flourish xl and 0.6ml flourish iron everyday. substrate is mix of ecocomplete and flourite on top of a thin layer of laterite and some floursih plant tabs.

I also had a question on the H. zesterofolia, initially it had a vibrant green growth (the above pic is was taken on the 14th of this month), today I noticed transperant creases running across the leaves. I read that the plant becomes pale if nitrates decrease and that it gets white or black creases if there is an iron and/or micrnutrient deficiency. I dont know how I should correct this, increasing the fe/flourish dosing or increasing the nitrate level (its presently 10ppm) or both? Right now the tank is algae free, so I am a little wary of tipping the balance.
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What is that white square thing in the foreground?
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