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Newbie LowLight 10g, Should I add anything?

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I have a 10g with 15w of light with two fish and three plants (Anubias, and two Crypts). Substrate is regular brown aquarium gravel. I will probably add one or two more fish and three or four more plants (or til it looks full enough of plants).

I plan to do a 20% water change about every three weeks with tap water (town well with zero chlorine). I imagine I don't need too in the way of additives with a low light tank.

Is there anything I should be adding like micronutrients?

Is there one product that would do it all?

Or maybe with water changes I don't need anything at all?

Here's what I got for a test results after two weeks--

pH 6.8
Alk(ppm) 80
Hard (ppm) 120
NO2(mg/L) 0
NO3(mg/L) 15 (Nitrate ion, not Nitrogen-Nitrate)

Here's what I got from my tap water after an hour in a glass on the counter.

pH 7.0
Alk(ppm) 90
Hard (ppm) 120
NO2(mg/L) 0
NO3(mg/L) 10 (Nitrate ion, not Nitrogen-Nitrate)
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In very low light, the plants probably do not need any additional ferts. If you add something, you are likely to be feeding algae. Normal fish waste should suffice, depending on the fish.
You won't need to do much here, just check your aquarium water for NO3 weekly and if over ~ 40 ppm change more water. After time you will see what it takes to keep it under control.
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