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I have a 10g with 15w of light with two fish and three plants (Anubias, and two Crypts). Substrate is regular brown aquarium gravel. I will probably add one or two more fish and three or four more plants (or til it looks full enough of plants).

I plan to do a 20% water change about every three weeks with tap water (town well with zero chlorine). I imagine I don't need too in the way of additives with a low light tank.

Is there anything I should be adding like micronutrients?

Is there one product that would do it all?

Or maybe with water changes I don't need anything at all?

Here's what I got for a test results after two weeks--

pH 6.8
Alk(ppm) 80
Hard (ppm) 120
NO2(mg/L) 0
NO3(mg/L) 15 (Nitrate ion, not Nitrogen-Nitrate)

Here's what I got from my tap water after an hour in a glass on the counter.

pH 7.0
Alk(ppm) 90
Hard (ppm) 120
NO2(mg/L) 0
NO3(mg/L) 10 (Nitrate ion, not Nitrogen-Nitrate)
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