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newbie needs advice on what plants to use

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I have a 29 gal tank
sponge filter with power head for 100 gal
bio canistar filter
OTB filter
bubble wand
and Co2 system
2 20 wt lights (I know I need more but no room to add more)
Tank has gravel mixed with dolomite
I have several marino balls
several rocks with riccia tied to them
some sort of lily type bulbs from wal mart
anacrias floating and wrapped around power head outlet tube

I would like to add some tall plants to the back of this tank. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Link to photo of tank below

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Could I make some questions on your setup...

Why do you have a powerhead rated for a 100g in such a small setup? That's a very strong current.

Why did you mix the gravel with dolomite? The dolomite will consistently increase the hardness of your water and make CO2 injection difficult.

Are you pumping the CO2 through the bubble wand, I hope? If you are using the bubble wand and CO2 system at the same time, you are probably losing a lot of CO2.
With the lighting you currently have, I would recommend Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae, C. spiralis, or C. retrospiralis. Vallisneria spiralis would also be a good choice for the background plantings.

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