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my tank water usually ends up around 6.4 due to the co2 that i inject, and most fish will be okay with that pH. the only issue you may have is if you plan on breeding them, as some fish prefer a higher pH before they'll spawn.

for a 55 gallon, you might want to look into DIY co2 if pressurized it not in your budget at this time. because excel does get a little expensive, if you go with the seachem dosing schedule.

for a plant tank, i would look at replacing the UG filter for either a HOB type or canister. especially with the crypts, with their large root system, will get tangle up in the filter base. and could be a hassle when it comes to replanting or removing.

you also may want to look at having at least an extra inch of substrate, because 2" is a little shallow.

but these are all future upgrages when your budget allows. what you have right now, will do the job. just make sure you add a good fertilizing regiment for your plants.

good luck and welcome to APC :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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