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I was given a Fluval Flora for my birthday and I just set it up today. I have experience with unplanted freshwater aquariums. I am a beginner in that regard. So now that I have my aquarium set up, I have a few questions for you all! First, let me give you the specs:

7.9 gallon aquarium
13 w 6,400°K Compact Fluorescent Lighting
internal filter (mostly mechanical?)

13 pounds of Fluval Plant Stratum
rocks from local LFS

Bronze Wendii
Micro Sword Narrow Leaf
Dwarf Hairgrass
tall random plant
Java Moss
banana plant

My first question is, Should I be using the equipped CO2 kit from the start or would that just create an algae overload? Is my lighting sufficient or would you recommend more, and if so, what make and model? Should I be dosing w/ the Nutra Fin Plant Gro?
The water is a little murky due to the Stratum being stirred up. Water is at a constant 76 degrees Fahrenheit. And I do not currently have the CO2 running.


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Hello Nano! Glad to see you have such a great new tank setup! Its looking good already. I particularly like the banana plant. I've rarely seen them used, but your placement above the wood seems like the perfect spot! Also, I kind of like the cloudiness, it gives the tank a misty jungle feel.

For your questions:
Yes use the CO2 right from the start. CO2 doesn't cause algae it helps prevent it.

Your lighting is not sufficient unfortunately, you'll need another one or two more 13w bulbs to get decent light. I'm not sure what fixtures you can get to help with this. You might be able to find some premade ones on ebay, or you could try making your own with spiral CF bulbs they sell at your local grocery shop (check the DIY and lighting sections of this site for ideas).

I am unfamiliar with the substrate you have and its nutritional component since it is a new product just recently released. I think it might just be formed peat which doesn't have a lot of nutrients in it though I may be wrong. Someone else will have to chime in here. If it does not have nutrients in it then you will need to add them.
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